Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Express Breakfast

Egg Scramble with Mixed veggies and mint.

The title says it all. This was our breakfast this sunday.
We had planned to go around brussels this sunday but got up very late to make an elaborate breakfast.Feeding my kid and getting him ready to go out is a huge task nowadays.So just entered the kitchen and chopped up all the left over vegetables (wiped my fridge clean except some tomatoes).I stir fried all the vegetables, added the beaten egges, and scarambled them with salt, pepper and some chopped mint.The mint gave the scramble a fresh taste.A bowl of egg scramble with glass of freshly squeezed orange juice made us kickstart our sunday morning.

I added onions, green chillies, greeen peppers , yellow peppers, mushrooms and some spring onions, and stired them in the same order.You can add any coloured peppers, zucchini, carrots or any vegetables you want.Iam sending this as an entry to the WBB-Expressbreakfast event hosted by Raaga - The singing chef.

BTW I had received an award from 'Vegetable Platter'.She thinks my blog is Yummy.Iam very delighted to post this in my blog

Since I browse all the blogs randomly, I think all blogs are yummy in their own way.So I pass it on to all the fellow food bloggers :)

Iam not sweets person, but I too have my favorites...
  • toblerone chocolate

  • carrot halwa with vanilla icecream

  • chocolate cake with chocolate icing

  • gulab jamun

Since eggs are packed with protein this dish goes to Sangeeth "Eat Healthy- Protein rich" event


JZ @ Tasty treats said...

well, the breakfast looks yummy...this is the way i used to have my scrambled eggs earlier on..but i am not a fan of mint! ;-)great entry..

Trupti said...

Scrabbled Eggs looks delicious & healthy.

Sumi said...

Thanks JZ and trupti

Rachel said...

Healthy and a very yummy-looking breakfast!

Asha said...

My favorite quick meal too, looks yum!:))

Laavanya said...

Scrambled eggs make for such a quick breakfast idea and definitely a yummy one. Love the idea of adding mint.


such a quick meal ... will make this for my hubby since he likes eggs. thanks for sharing

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