Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tried and Tasted - Rajasthani Kadhi.

This months 'Tried and Tasted' is hosted at KitsChow and the blog she has selected is Meena's "Hooked on Heat". I have been following Meena's blog for a long and long time now .Its very hard to come out of her blog one you start browsing through her recipes.The amazing pictures and the simple recipe along with her long stories keep us hooked on. Hers was one of the blogs that inspired me start with my own and I came to know about the concept of food events through her event " From My Rasoi" .

That was my first participation in a food event .

Though I have tried many dishes from her blog, I made this 'Rajathani Kadhi' especially for this event for the second time.The recipe is very simple and yet very different from the traditional South Indian mor kuzhambhu and the North Indian Kadhi.

Changes I made :

I used 2 red chillies for tempering, and since I ran out of coriander seeds I used 1 tsp of coriander powder.

I hope you all try this out and enjoy.


A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine said...

Looks very delicious. Nice click.

Parita said...

Kadhi looks delicious, nice choice!

Aparna said...

Though very simple and easy to make, this dish is something special. At least, I think so. :)

zlamushka said...

HI Sumi,

wonderful curry - thanks for participating. I hope you are up for this month´s challenge too :-) Details on my Blog - left upper corner.

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