Friday, June 05, 2009

Found yet another blog doing Plagiarism.

After reading Rekha's post about her pictures being hosted elsewhere, I did a search on one my most favourite picture 'Semiya Kesari' which gets the most hits in my blog.Guess what ! it ended up in the following blog.

This is too much.How dare she. Even the recipe is the same.

here is my old link which was posted in 2006.

I thought it would never happen to me..but I understood that no one can escape from these awful things.My surprise is that this is a well known blog watched and commented by all us food bloggers.She has a comment section and I have commented there now.

Please check out if there are any of your pictures over here.

Now I have become a maniac doing google searches on all my pictures to see if there any other hypocrite over there.

Does any of you know the html code for blocking image copying...please let me know.Thats the only option I can think of right now to protect my already posted pictures.

1 comment:

rekhas kitchen said...

ooohhhh so sad sumi these people don't change. I do no how they do this dirty work very easly I just leave a comment there also dont leave her till she removes your pic.

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