Monday, May 11, 2009

Tried and Tasted - Pears Walnut Upside Down Cake

Past weekend I was searching for a simple cake recipe, as I had invited some friends for dinner.Came across Sunita's post on "Pears Walnut Upside Down cake" .The pictures tempted me to give it a try, and morever I had all the ingredients in hand.Then what else do I need, I whipped it up in less tha 15 mins and baked for half an hour.
The result was an absoluetly delicious cake.We had it with Ice cream. Even my 18 months old toddler seemed to like it very much.

The recipe remained the same, but I added a tsp of cinnamon along with fruits and sugar, and baked it in a slighly larger pan than hers.So I got a thinner and a dark colored version of the cake. Here are the pictures.


sunita said...

Glad you enjoyed the cake :-)

Kitchen Flavours said...

Oh wow looks droolworthy.....

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