Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Carrot egg poriyal and some muffins too

I wanted to post this recipe for a long time but didnt get to it.
Its an interesting recipe from one of my friend back in seattle who got it from his Mom. It tastes so good and liked by all of us that no wonder it used to be a standard dish in his bachelor cooking every now and then and morever this was the only dish that included some vegetables other than sambhar. After moving out of seattle whenever I make this carrot and egg porial I remember those days when we used to cook together and have endless chats and share lots of funny stories.I miss seattle and many friends over there.
2- 3 large carrots
2 green chillies.
1 medium onion chopped
mustard, uraddhal, curry leaves (optional)for tempering
2 eggs.
In a wide pan, add 2 tblsp of oil.
Add the tempering ingredients when the oil is hot.
To this add the chopped onion and chillies and sate till the onion becomes translucent.
Now add the grated carrots , salt and stir well.Sprinkle some water, reduce the flame to medium and allow the carrots to cook well.
After 10 mins open the lid and check if the carrots has cooked well and all the water is absorbed.Now move all the carrots to one side of the pan.
Add 2 tsp of oil on the other side and crack the eggs in it.
Allow the eggs to set for some time and then scramble them well.
After its partially ooked mix with the carrots and stir well for few minutes.
Alternately we can also scramble the eggs seperatly and add to the carrots.

This dish goes to the the "FIL - Carrots" event hosted by Sanghi of Tasty Bites.

Iam also sending some carrot muffins that baked over the weekend to the same event.The recipe of the carrot muffins is here in my previous post.


Cilantro said...

I have heard about adding eggs to carrot poriyal from a friend, living in Seattle myself, I know how much you miss this place.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Adding carrots to egg is something new to me....Looks yum..Love the gorgeous cupcakes.

Priya said...

I do make carrot and egg poriyal...looks delicious..Those muffins looks amazing too! prefect entries!

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