Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sepangkilangu / Arbi/ Colacasia Fry

Sepangkilanghu (Colacasia) Fry

This is a very nice receipe from my MIL.We get Sepangkilanghu through out the year in all the Indian stores over here.Initially when I started to cook this vegetable, I will make it soggy, or  will not be cooked properly.So I will always use this in my puli kulambhu which is also tasty , but still I would always the miss the crispy fry that my mom would make.
When I was in India last year I learned this simple easy to make receipe from my MIL.

Here you go:

2 medium sized sepangkilanghu
1 tsp chilli powder.
1 tsp sombhu powder.
salt as needed.

Cook the sepangkilanghu covered for about 15 mins.Check periodically, to see if its cooked, otherwise it will become soggy.Alternatively you can poke the kilanghu with a fork/knife and cook in the microwave for 5 mins, depending on the power settings.
Update :Alternatly cook the vegetable in a pressure cooker for 1 whistle or 10 mins with salt and tamarind(optional) as mentioned in the comment below.

Now peel the skin and cut into round slices.Add the chilli powder, sombhu powder and salt and mix to coat all the pieces evenly.leave it for 15 mins.
Take 2 tsps of oil in a pan.rotate the pan to spread the oil evenly .Now add the kilanghu pieces and stir lightly to coat with oil.Reduce the flame to medium heat and allow it to fry, stirring occasionally.stir till it becomes crispy on the outside. You can add more oil if you want.
You can also sprinkle a tsp of gramdhal (kadalai mavu)powder and fry to make it extra crispy
Is an excellent side dish for mor kulambhu.

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Anonymous said...

Hi sumi,
your recipe looks delicious.i will try this week just want to know whts the english name for sepangkilangu, and is it available in US i mean in indian stores if yes whts its english name .thks.expecting reply soon.

Sumi said...

Its english name is colacasia, but its widely available in Indian stores..Its also available in frozen section as 'Arvi'.Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

Hi, This recipie is great. You can cook colacasia(sepangizhangu) in cooker. Put one lemon size tamrind in water (no need to soak the tamrind) and add the kizhangu and cook with just 1 whistle and then do the rest as told by sumi.When cooked with tamrind, it will not have that itching feeling.

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