Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Its Spring Time

We have a beautiful lake in front of our apartment.I get a nice view of it from my balcony.Everyday I spent some time watching the activities on the lake.For the past few months the lake was pretty quite and it was covered with snow.But the spring has officially started, last two weeks the lake has become alive with lot of activities.All the migrated canadian goose has returned back.

Each day Iam discovering some new birds.I have put a bird feeder in my balcony, so that I can attract some of the birds and take some pictures.

Still the weather does not permit me to go out and spend my time in the free air.But I do it occasionally for 5 mins(thats it) everyday.

Last week I noticed a goose sitting under a tree for a long time.Me and my husband thought that it might be sick, as we always see them swimming and flying around.After my Husband left to office, I sat by my balcony with a book, and cup of tea.Suddenly I saw the bird get up and I was very thrilled to see some eggs under neath.I ran for my camera to capture it.

It was very thrilling and exciting to see the mommy bird cover up the nest carefully, and I could not even see spot of the nest afterwards.
After that day, both mommy and daddy bird spend some time periodically near the nest.While the female bird incubates the nest, the male bird safeguards the area by walking around the place, swimming around tha area.

Its absolutely fascinating to watch how protective these young parents are. I wanted to share this with all of you , so Iam posting the pictures also.I researched in the net and found that it will take 23 days for the eggs to hatch.Iam counting my days to see the new baby birds.I will periodically post the pictures about how the birds are doing.

The anxious Mommy Goose

Do send in your comments and thoughts about this post.
Do u find any such activities in your neighbourhood??


Lakshmi said...

really, it's spring time sumi. Today our temp. is around 66 , feeling so happy.
Photos are nice.

Luv2cook said...


That is adorable. I will be following the bird story. Please do update and post more pics :).

Anjali said...

Hi Sumi ... what a coincidence ...I have a beautiful lake in front of my patio ... we have some beautiful birds too ...!! Its nice to see somebody who appreciates such things too!!

Sreelu said...

Sumi, thats a beautiful view from your appartment. I can't wait to see the little ducklings. enjoy the warm weather :)

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