Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tomato Rice Noodles With Egg

Hope you all had a great Mother's day weekend. I sure did. I made this tomato rice noodles on Saturday morning to kick start the weekend. Its easy to make just like any regular noodles, except that this is made of rice and not maida/flour. You can skip the eggs if you don't use it, I added them to make it interesting for the kid. Quite a filling dish for a weekend brunch.

3 cups of cooked noodles.
1 medium onion.
2-3 medium tomatoes
1 tsp chilli powder
2 cloves garlic finely chopped
1 tsp mustard
1 tsp urad dhal
2 eggs

Cook the noodles as per package instructions.
Wash noodles in the strainer with cold water to remove the starch if any.
In a wide pan, add 2 tblsp of oil.
Add the mustard and urad dhal when the oil is hot.
When the mustard pops add the chopped onion and fry till translucent
Now add the tomatoes and fry till the tomatoes get mushy.
Add the chilli powder and salt and fry till the pulp releases oil.
If not using egg, add the cooked noodles and stir well to combine.
If using egg, move the tomato gravy to a corner of the pan, and break open the eggs on the other side.
Allow them to set for a couple of seconds and then scarmble then till they are cooked.
Now mix the scrambled eggs along with the tomato gravy and then add the cooked noodles.
Mix in the noodles, till they are nicely coated with the tomato gravy, occasionally breaking the long strands of the noodles with the back of the ladle.
Keep in low flame uncovered for 2 mins and the switch of the stove.

I used Chinese rice noodles/Rice Vermicelli (Mie Hoen) -thin ones for making this. But we can also use the Indian rice sevai packets  like MTR for making this dish.
We can also adding some frozen peas or corn to this to make it more colorful.


Cham said...

Is that semiya Sumi? sounds cool with egg- usually we do kichdi right, good variation. Enjoy ur day!

Sarah @ Homestyle Cooking Around The World said...

I really like this recipe- such a great combination of ingredients. I think my family will love this and plan to try it soon! Thanks for sharing.

Sumi said...

Cham, this is not semiya, but the Rice vermicelli from the Asian stores.Looks more like the ready made sevai that we get in Indian stores.Will post the picture of that packet later.

Mahi said...

Used to buy this noodles from Chinese stores..looks good with those cherry tomatoes!

P.S. Happy to see there is no "word verification"! :)

Happy Cook / Finla said...

we used to make this with semiya like cham asked i used to love it when mom made, this looks yumm.

Priya said...

Simple and definitely a super satisying noodles..

Tina said...

Simple and delicious....

notyet100 said...

This looks delicious,perfect for kids,

Laavanya said...

That looks really tasty and easy - never thought to combine with eggs before.

radha said...

I like noodles and you have made them differently and they look so good.

Roma said...

hi Sumi, baby food recipes can be submitted for babies of the age group 6 − 24 months. Looking forward to your participation.

Avika J Chawla said...

Looks very tempting and yummy ...lovely collection of recipes..hlad to follow ur space..
chk mine @

hemalata said...

Delicious n yummy noodles, will try soon.

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