Monday, April 28, 2008

Carrot Halwa

Starting up with a mighty dessert.

This receipe takes time- atleast an hour, but its worth the effort.If you are planning this for a dinner, you can make it well ahead atleast a day before and refrigerate it.

Warm it up just minutes before serving dessert.

Tastes great with a scoop of vanilla Ice cream...


10 medium fresh carrots - shredded
2 cups of milk
cashews and raisins- handful
a pinch of salt
11/2 cup of sugar- can be adjusted
few tsps of ghee.

Add 3 tsps of ghee in a hot non stick pan.
Fry the cashews and raisins to golden brown and keep them aside
Add the shredded carrots to the remaining ghee in the pan and stir them for 10 mins till they shrink well
Parallely boil the milk in a sauce pan.
Add the boiled milk to the carrots, add a pinch of salt ,reduce the heat to medium and cook for 20 mins or until all the milk is absorbed.
Now add the sugar and stir continuously till all the sugar gets absorbed.
Stir in the cashews and raisins.

Back to blogging...

Iam back to blogging after a long break. It seems like yesterday when I published my last post, but days ran so quickly that its almost 18 months.Year 2007 has been a great year for us as we were blessed with a baby boy.Life has been hectic ever since with the little one around but we are enjoying every moment of it.We have now moved to Belgium and are residing in a nice quite town named 'Halle', some 50km away from Brussels. Life here is much more different from that in US.Its very serene, simple and peaceful.

After settling down and setting up a routine of things, the urge for blogging started growing in me like a wild creeper.Finally I have decided to take some "me time " from my hectic schedule and start blogging.

With so many new blogs, events and activities in the blogosphere, I think there's definitely lot of catching up to do!!!

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